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The origins of Himali rural Youth Social Development Center (HIRYSDEC) Mugu  are to be found in a pioneering group of child activities in 20062 B.S who established as a  child club. Janachetna child club was formed at Community level for awareness the community in the areas of health, education and child protection.  After long struggle of child club members by collecting some amount as membership fee individually, the Janchetna child  Club was processed for registration with the government body and was registered in the name of HIRYSDEC  in 2064 B.S. HIRYSDEC  has major four parts working with;

  1. Advocacy & Lobbying.
  2. Tourism promotion & Environment Protection.
  3. Community and institutional Development.
  4. Service delivery through development projects in rural and marginalized communities.
  5. Non violence conflict movement through right based approach & human rights protection.

After this monumental event HIRYSDEC continued to work for the education and health for disable children as well as people from other marginalized communities in close coordination with local government.

Organization Details:-

1. District Administration Administration Office (DAO), Mugu:- 184 (2064-02-03)

2. Social Welfare Council:-

3. Other :-