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The origins of Himali rural Youth Social Development Center (HIRYSDEC) Mugu  are to be found in a pioneering group of child activities in 20062 B.S who established as a  child club. Janachetna child club was formed at Community level for awareness the community in the areas of health, education and child protection.  After long struggle of child club members by collecting some amount as membership fee individually, the Janchetna child  Club was processed for registration with the government body and was registered in the name of HIRYSDEC  in 2064 B.S. HIRYSDEC  has major four parts

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Our Organization helps those who have no hope.

Technical support for Development of WASH Plan, Scaling-up of Water Safe Communities and 3-Star School Approach

This Project is supported by UNICEF Nepal. The overall objective of the project is to develop Palika WASH plan considering DRR/CCA and implement the WASH activities especially on water safety plan moving towards water safe community and WASH facility upgrading in schools. WASH plan will developed with the use of NWASH application in leadership of the Local Governments. This project coverage area

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Our Organization helps those who have no hope.

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Our Organization helps those who have no hope.

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